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Sample App

This is a sample Laravel 11 application with example workflows that you can run inside a GitHub codespace.

Step 1

Create a codespace from the main branch of this repo.


Step 2

Wait for the codespace to build. This should take between 5 to 10 minutes.


Step 3

Once the codespace has been created. You will see the editor and the terminal at the bottom.


Step 4

Run the migrations to create the necessary database tables.

php artisan migrate

Step 5

Start the queue worker. This will enable the processing of workflows and activities.

php artisan queue:work

Step 6

Create a new terminal window.


Step 7

Start the example workflow inside the new terminal window.

php artisan app:workflow

Step 8

You can view the waterline dashboard via the mapped port.


Add /waterline/dashboard to the URL e.g. https://[your-codespace-name]


Step 9

Run the workflow and activity tests.

php artisan test

That's it! You can now create and test workflows.